March: Cookbooks I’m Coveting

I like to compile a list of cookbooks which have caught my eye and that I’m drooling over this month.  I’m a big fan of cookbooks (I’m still mourning the cookbook I left on the Victoria line on the London Underground!) and I love how I can use them to expand my thinking about food and cookery.  Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve been blown away by the baking and blogging community and just the experience of being a part of a community which loves baking and serving food (of course, this is also a chance to unabashedly talk about how cool baking stuff is!)

Cookbooks I’m Coveting:

Miss Madeleine, We Love Madeleines

9781452102900_normThis was inspired by my boyfriend’s love of the The Transporter.  Apparently madeleines are part of a plotline in the movie and so his interest in the delicious little French cake – the book contains a wide variety of madeleine recipes (even from the cover, you can see the lemon and lavender, the chocolate and olive oil, the chocolate dipped – all of which look absolutely delicious.)

Madeleines weren’t very common growing up in the US, so it would be lovely to be able to try these exotic little cakes (as I especially think they’d be great for when I have people over!)

Love and Olive Oil, Breakfast for Dinner


This one is a bit of a cheat, as I recently got a copy (which I’ll be reviewing), but I’m so excited to be baking from it.  It has a whole selection of breakfast recipes revamped and fancied up to be served for dinner, for dessert and as appetisers.  Rather than just containing standard dessert recipes, it has rather lovely fancy recipes that I’d be excited to serve at a dinner party (although I’d be a bit daunted by the homemade ravioli!)  I’m so excited to give it a go!

Judith Fertig, I Love Cinnamon Rolls


There are a lot of foods I can’t get in London and the lovely, crisp cinnamon rolls at Cinnabon are one of them.  So I love the idea of a whole book on how to make variations on soft, gooey, delicious cinnamon rolls.  As they’re kind of a combination of cake and bread, I’ve always been a bit reluctant to experiment with them, but hopefully this will give me some wondeful, creative ideas!

Kim Laidlaw, Home Baked Comfort


This came from a recommendation from one of my favourite bloggers, Bakerella, who has been using this book quite often!  It’s been reviewed quite highly – having a very well rounded selection of recipes.  I always love to bone up on my basic recipes, as well as trying new foods and I think this would be a lovely basics cookbook to have in my collection!

In addition to cookbooks, I’m loving these lollipop moulds (prepping for St. Patrick’s Day!), these cute superhero spatulas from Williams-Sonoma and since Oscar season has just passed, I’m looking for a cookie cutter in the shape of an Oscar statute (so would love to know if anyone has seen one!)

What are you craving this month?



  1. joyfromyesterfood · · Reply

    Yep, these would be GREAT! 🙂 I have so many cookbooks on my wishlist…now I’ll have to add these!

    Joy @

  2. I bought the Home Baked Comfort cookbook a couple months ago and absolutely love it! Great combination of interesting recipes and short interviews with professional pastry chefs.

    1. Aww, thanks! Would you recommend it to others?

      1. I would definitely recommend it. Awesome cookbook to add to your collection! I was very happy that I purchased it.

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