Samoa Marshmallows

Not a lot of people in London know which season occurs in January.  What marvelous, marvelous event occurs – Girl Scout cookie season.  I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I was a pretty awesome Girl Scout.  Maniacally organised (I believe I’ve spoken previously about how I applied logical planning to all facets of my life, including the annual Halloween trek), I got up early the first morning of cookie season and went door to door selling cookies.  I actually kept it up for several years (after stints at Girl Scout camp) and cookie season still makes me a bit nostalgic.

Now, my younger cousins have taken up the mantle (Beardy mum telling me that she had to buy four boxes – two from each cousin) and I’m definitely feeling nostalgic.  Since it’s almost impossible to find Girl Scout cookies in England (the nearest troop is a US military base in the Midlands!), I’ve been searching for recipes which would satisfy my cravings!

With a little bit of adjustment, this one did perfectly.

Samoa Marshmallows (adapted from The Domestic Rebel)


1 bag of marshmallows (while in general, I prefer homemade marshmallows, store bought are a bit better for this purpose)

1 bag of dessicated coconut (while sweetened coconut is preferable, unsweetened will work as well)

1 bag of Kraft Caramel Bits (again, you could substitute wrapped caramels, but would be more difficult and time consuming)

8 ounces of candy melts

2012-09-09 20.58.56

Toast the coconut (either in a toaster oven or in a grill pan).  Place to one side and melt the caramels (I prefer to melt them in a pan on the oven, but it can also be done in the microwave)

2012-09-09 21.17.24

Using a brush (I’d recommend silicone, as caramel is hell on brush bristles), brush a thin layer of caramel on the marshmallows.  Immediately press some toasted coconut onto the sticky caramel.  Place on a piece of VERY well greased baking paper and let it dry overnight.

2012-09-09 22.55.20

The next day, melt the candy melts (either in the microwave or over the stove) and dip the coconut marshmallows into a coating of chocolate.

2012-09-13 18.53.452012-09-13 19.28.30

Decorate with sprinkles (or perhaps an extra sprinkling of toasted coconut) and enjoy the lovely crunchy Samoa taste.

What are your favourite childhood sweets? How do you recreate them?


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  1. Cookie selling cousins · · Reply

    Some people buy Keebler cookies. They have a close thin mint knock-off and I think a Samoa too. Can you get Keebler there? i will order you some. What cookies would you like? (Don’t the Brits call them biscuits?) Maybe you will receive a surprise in March.

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