Review: Bakerella Cake Pops for the Holidays and Jingle Bells

It’s the third day of Christmas and I’m getting a bit into the decorating spirit!  And when you think of decorating, your mind must go to cake pops.  Small and mighty, they can add a lovely decoration to your kitchen or a Christmas party.  I was determined to make some lovely little cake pops to christen off the holiday season!  And I could think of no better inspiration than the new book from Bakerella, Cake Pop Holidays.

indexNow, I happen to have an incredible soft spot for Bakerella – she was the first food blog I discovered and probably still my favourite!  I find her imagination and creativity amazing – how she’s able to conceive the idea for these mini cake pops and make them into reality.  Her new book didn’t disappoint – it’s full of cute holiday ideas for festive cake pop.  I, personally, found this book to be best used for inspiration and for advice on how to craft the exquisite detailing on the cake pops.  I personally find oreo truffles to be a lot easier to make (or baking pure cake in a pan, rather than combining cake with frosting), so I rarely follow the nitty gritties of the ingredients list.

One word of warning is that while this has a bunch of Christmas and wintery ideas, there is only one recipe for Hannukah (a dreidel) and none for any other kind of winter holiday celebration – so it might be a bit disappointing if you celebrate an alternative holiday.  But otherwise, it’s a got a lot of good ideas for your parties.

I decided to give her jingle bell cake pops a try: nice and simple (and I knew where I could find a spray can of edible silver lustre spray).  And I have to admit, I found them an easy-to-make success (although I made them oreo truffles for additional ease).

Jingle Bell Oreo Truffle (adapted from Bakerella’s Cake Pop Holidays)


1 package of mint flavoured Oreos

200g chocolate Philadelphia cream cheese

12 ounces Wilton’s vanilla white candy melts (these can be any colour, but I’d really recommend a light colour – since you will be spraying over it with silver)

1 can edible silver spray

1 pen of black edible ink

2012-11-28 23.44.23Crush the oreos.  You don’t want them to be a thin oreo dust, but it should be small chunks about the consistency of cake.  Place it in the mixing bowl with 200g of chocolate Philadelphia and mix until you have a texture that you can shape into little circles.  Roll the truffle batter between your hands to shape spheres.  Pop the spheres in the fridge for several hours so that they become a bit firmer.

Melt the chocolate.  You can either do this in the microwave or (as I did, since I was dipping) in a double boiler.  I slowly melted half of the bag of candy melts over boiling water and added about three tablespoons of shortening (as I found it just a little bit too thick for dipping.)  Once the chocolate was melted, I dipped the lollipop sticks in chocolate and placed them in the truffles, so that the truffles would be stronger for the dipping process!

2012-11-29 22.01.20 2012-11-29 22.20.53

Once that has set a bit, dip the truffle pops in the chocolate.  Tap the stick lightly against the lip of the bowl to shake off any excess chocolate.  It’s best if you have some styrofoam that you can place the cake pops into to let them harden for several hours.  Once the chocolate is set, spray them with the edible silver lustre (just be careful, because it seems to get everywhere) and let it sit to dry.

2012-11-29 22.20.162012-11-29 23.37.03

See the little bit of piped chocolate on the side of some of the cake pops (necessary for a jingle bell) and draw lines on the outside of the cake pop.

2012-11-30 06.50.15And enjoy them (and impress your friends with your baking!)  What is everyone out there making for holiday parties?



  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I love anything sparkly so this is gorgeous!

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