Great Christmas Gifts I’m Coveting

With Christmas coming up, there is absolutely no better time than to drool over the variety of baking goods.  I have more or less hinted subtly (or really…not so subtly) to everyone in my circle about the baking tools I want for Christmas.  In case you’re looking for your bakers, I have a few suggestions for you.

Wilton Electric Chocolate Melter.  While there’s only an American version of this, luckily it only requires an adapter rather than a converter.  On Thursday night, Beardy Boyfriend and I spent a good half hour trying to get chocolate melted on our double boiler.  This would make creating cake pops and chocolate covered pretzels MUCH easier.  As a result, I have put this gadget on my Christmas list!  Here’s hoping it makes cake pops more efficient!


I really love this Yule log loaf pan from Nordicware.  Beardy Boyfriend and I are struggling to create our own traditions around Christmastime here in London, and I definitely think that loaves in this lovely pan should constitute a new Christmas tradition!


The Bakerella cake pop set.  Although it is a toy, it happens to have four inexpensive cupcake moulds, as well as bowls for dipping, crumbling and holders for the cake pops.  It’s an incredibly good deal (as well as absolutely adorable!) and while I don’t have a little one to nick it from, I think I might end up giving in and buying a set for myself!


Wilton’s doughnut pan: I really want to try making doughnuts.  Chocolate, glazed, apple cider flavoured!  I love the Krispy Kremes we can get here in London, but I’d really love to make my own variation of healthy donuts.

2105-0565_mShamrock cake tin: obviously, St Patrick’s Day is a big deal in our house.  And I’d love to be able to whip up a delicious green velvet cake to celebrate.  So I’m hoping for one of these cake pans (hopefully at least, it would be lovely to get something solid in Beardy Boyfriend’s stomach before he heads out for a Guinness with his mates!


Helene Dujardin’s From Plate to Pixel: We now have a new camera which is a bit more complicated than our old point and click.  As a result, I’m really interested to learn more about food photography, so I’m really hoping for a copy of this book to give me some pointers: maybe I could improve it to Food Gawker levels!

Plate to Pixel

That’s what I’m hoping for this Christmas!  Any particular gifts you can think of that bakers would like this year?


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