November Foodie Penpals

This month, I received a lovely wrapped present from Rebecca, an Australian living in Kerry, Ireland.  I’ve blogged before about my adopted homeland, so it was really nice to get a package from there!  Not only that, but she really made an effort to personalise this one for my love of baking.  Is that not awesome?

2012-11-27 20.26.46The lemon sherbets on the far right were absolutely amazing.  Fresh, with a lovely squirt of lemon juice in the centre, these were so much nicer than the sherberts you get in the shop.  In the centre are really cinnamon sticks, which I’m spoiled for choice in making.  I could go with this potpourri or homemade hot chocolate: lots of options!  On the left is a delicious chocolate bar with chocolate and chili and pink peppercorns.  Now, pink peppercorns are kind of a thing this month: I sent them to my foodie penpal and I was really grateful to get some myself in chocolate.

Then the decorating tools: some edible stars (so Christmas-y!) and some silver edible glitter paint.  I am SO excited for decorating Christmas cookies with it!

Finally, everyone’s favourite nakd cocoa mint bars.  They’re delicious (very chocolate-y) and very good for you.  Good choice, Becky!

If you’re based in the UK and Europe and interested in getting a parcel from a faraway land each month: you can sign up for Rock Salt’s Foodie Penpals here!


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