BBC Good Food Show

I was really excited about the BBC Good Food Show after having read Rock Salt’s blog about it as well as seeing ads throughout the tube for it.  When it came up on Groupon as offering a deal for Friday afternoon, I bought it, really excited to see what it was all about.  I was particularly excited that Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would be signing books and I was hoping to find more innovative food ingredients.

Now, from that point of view, I was a bit disappointed by it.  I was searching for more food tips, with regards to cooking and baking and maybe advice as to where to to find good local ingredients.  Instead, it was really a collection of stalls for vendors to sell lovely but slightly expensive food.  Which is an interesting concept, but it wasn’t really want I was interested in.  Unfortunately, even though I was there at 2pm on a Friday, the book signings were already very crowded.  I couldn’t see Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood over the crowd and the book signing lines had already closed! (the signing was at 2:15pm).  So if it was that crowded during working hours, I would imagine it was absolutely bonkers during the weekend itself.

But as for the various vendors, there were a couple which stood out for me.  There were some absolutely delicious foods there – I loved the vegetable samosas from Simply Honest Curry Company.

I also really loved the dark chocolate snack mix from the Duke of Delhi as well.  I was a bit skeptical as to the sweet and salty snack mix, but it’s absolutely addictive.  I’m fairly sure I could have eaten the entire thing in one sitting.

Holly Cupcakes was pretty much the only place with baking supplies I spotted.  They had some incredibly cute kits for people who are interested in baking with their children, as well as some decorating supplies, like edible glitter, which looked like it could make really lovely cupcakes.

But I think my favourite was meeting the girls from Allegra Publications.  I absolutely loved their book about the various cupcakes and bakeries in London, Great Cake Places.  It was a great guide to cupcakes all over London.  So I was really excited when they told me about their brand new wine and cheese book.  Rather than just listing good wine and cheese places, the book will contain tips on matching wine and cheese, how to put together a cheese plate… I think it’s a great idea, so I was really excited to hear how they’re expanding.

Very exciting.  So I would recommend it if you’re looking for food ingredients, but if you’re looking for cooking or baking supplies, you’re probably better off attending the Cake and Bake Show (which I will be attending in April in Manchester) and reporting back.  I’m also looking forward to the Taste of Christmas Festival that Beardy Boyfriend and I have booked!

Did any of you attend?  What did you think?


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