Hummingbird Bakery: Chocolate Bar Collection

I’m always excited when The Hummingbird Bakery releases a new collection of cupcakes.  I really loved their frappes and milkshakes, but I’ve yet to find one that really tops their International Dessert range.  But willing to taste their cupcakes, (for the greater good!), I set out to taste their new Chocolate Bar range.

Monday: Double Decker Cupcakes

The Double Decker cupcake is very nougat and crispie-full.  To start with, obviously all these cupcakes are going to be quite chocolate-y.  But this one had a nice caramel taste in the cupcake and a good bit of crunch in the frosting layer.  If you like the idea of a very carmel-ish rice krispie treats incorporated into a cupcake, I would really recommend it.

Tuesday: Topic Cupcakes

I had assumed Topic Cupcakes would be safe for Beardy Boyfriend consumption.  Until he took one bite and looked at me in shock, “but these have peanuts!  You know how much I hate peanuts!” I had to correct him that actually, Topic Bars contain hazelnuts.  But to him, he couldn’t get over the nuttiness.
If you’re familiar with Ferrero Rocher, I thought this was a bit of a Ferrero Rocher cupcake.  A traditional chocolate cupcake with a hint of hazlenut nuttiness.  I would recommend!

Wednesday: Boost Chocolate Cupcakes

Beardy Boyfriend gladly took this one, as he is a long time fan of Boost Bars (even though he tends to be very skeptical of chocolate cake in general).  And interestingly, we found that this one really was quite reminiscent of a chocolate cake.  I would say in the cake part, the only really distinction was that there were biscuit segments.  The frosting was billed as consisting of chocolate and caramel and I did really like the frosting – I thought the caramel gave the frosting a nice little kick (and I think I’ll be replicating the combo in a homemade cupcake).

Thursday: Picnic Bar Cupcake

At this point, Beardy Boyfriend was getting frustrated.  “It’s just a basic chocolate cupcake with some peanut and raisins on top (like a Picnic).” At this point, we were reaching a bit of a disillusionment with the chocolate bar cupcakes.  As opposed to the International Dessert or Cupcake and Frappe range, these were less distinguishable from each other, which was disappointing!

Friday: Snickers Bar Cupcake

I happen to love Snickers, so I was very excited for this chocolate bar cupcakes.  But again, I was a bit disappointed.  With the exception of the Snickers bar and some peanuts on the top, it really did taste like an ordinary chocolate cupcake.

Saturday: Crunchie Bar Cupcakes

I was a bit disappointed in this cupcake.  I like Crunchies, I like honeycombs.  But this was just a basic chocolate cupcake with a bit of honeycomb sprinkled on top. I think they could have done some lovely work with a honey cupcake and to me, it’s just been a bit of a disappointment as to the simplicity of it.

Sunday: Bounty Cupcake

This cupcake, based on a Bounty bar, was probably my favourite, due to the amazing icing on it.  It can be difficult to find a good coconut icing and this one was lovely – lots of sweet coconut in every bite.  But then, the cupcake itself was still plain chocolate.

Overall, I found this to not be my favourite collection from the Hummingbird!  Just too little variation on the chocolate cupcakes…



  1. I like the idea of this collection but it’s a shame that it all turned out to be a bit samey 😦

    1. I know, I was quite disappointed. But on the other hand, how diverse can chocolate bar be?

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