Happy belated Halloween (and October Food Penpals)

I’m blogging a bit belatedly today, owning to general work craziness as well as a flurry of Halloween baking!  But I was really excited to show you the chocolate covered mummy pretzels that I made for my friend Fran’s birthday/Halloween party.

I love chocolate covered pretzels and would make them for pretty much every occasion if it was (1) easy to find pretzel rods.  Does anyone know where I can get more in London? (2) had expanded my chocolate mould collection to cover a few more occasions!

So yesterday was Foodie Penpal reveal date and this month, I received a parcel from the amazing Paula in Lancaster.  You can check out Paula’s lovely blog over at All About the Bake.  But Paula was nice enough to ask me what kind of sweets I enjoyed.  I told her that I really enjoy creative baking ingredients.  As a result, Paula sent me some lovely ingredients for some great baking.

On the left, you can see the chocolate with stem ginger that Paula sent.  I love fancy chocolates (if I can seldom justify buying them), so these are absolutely gorgeous and perfect.  In the middle is some popcorn to home pop and some popcorn flavour mixes (including maple syrup – she must have seen my desperate love of maple syrup).  Finally, on the left we have some cardamon sugar.  Cardamon is a lovely spice and I’ve often used it in loaves.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to good recipes which are aided by a hint of cardamon?

Finally, the holy grail.  For anyone who bakes, you’ll know that vanilla beans are both incredibly expensive and incredibly delicious.  So it was a wonderful gift to receive, particularly for the cookbook I’ve being reviewing over the next couple weeks (stay tuned!)
Thanks again, Paula!  If you live in the UK or elsewhere in Europe and are interested in entering Foodie Penpals, contact Rock Salt over at her blog.



  1. This is a great parcel, and look at those pretzels! Very creative, they look great. Cardamon is good in cakes with pistachio and/or rosewater. It’s also great in caramel, over popcorn.

    I’d ask for a wee correction – Foodie Penpals is open to all residents of Europe, not just us in the UK. The more the merrier 🙂

    1. Will edit. *Hopes quite optimistically for some non UK readers!*

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