Knights of St. Johns

We loved all of the food the first time Frances, Beardy Boyfriend and I went to Knights of St. Johns in Clapham Junction.  As a result, we decided to head back with our contingent of friends, with our trusty Tastecard.

See Niall contemplating the menu.  The atmosphere there is really nice and friendly, and there aren’t too many tables (the eating area might be about half of the area, with the other half as an open and airy lounge area.)  The service is always laid back, as well.

So first were the starters:

Fran and Nina had the scallops, which I sampled (in the name of a fair review), which was really tasty.  I like scallops and these had quite a nice soy saucy taste.  Niall had the calamari, which was nicely salted.  No complaints at all with these starters!

Beardy Boyfriend had the wings.  Now, I really don’t like wings and Beardy Boyfriend is horrible at describing meals, so all I have for you is his word that it was “tasty” and my observation that it was a bit messy.  So I hope that helps!

The mains were a bit more controversial.  One of the reasons I like this restaurant is the excellent sirloin steak, which Niall and I both ordered.  I had it with the mash (which I think is nice), while Niall has the default chips.

Great steak.  I really recommend it.  Nina and Frances got the duck.  Nina REALLY didn’t like it and Frances thought it was just ok.  Nina described it as over frozen, over done, no flavour and having a nasty plastic sauce.  Frances agreed, although stating that in her opinion, it wasn’t overdone.  So no recommendations on the duck.  Beardy Boyfriend really enjoyed the filet steak, leading to my advice: go for the steak!

It was a really nice meal in Clapham and I’d recommend it heartily if you’re in the mood for a steak dinner!


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