Chiswick High Street

I have been pretty outspoken about my love of Outsider Tart.  I volunteer for an organisation which often has meetings in Chiswick, so one day, I sent an email to ask if I could get my beloved cookbook signed.  The Davids (the owners of the lovely Outsider Tart) sent me back an email and said they’d be happy to, that would be no problem!  So I set off for an adventure in Chiswick, cookbook in hand.

First stop was indeed the lovely little Outsider Tart, which won bonus points for the adorable outside seating area.

Besides their array of baked goods, they have all kinds of American baking products.  Which is really helpful for an American baker like me who’s interested in making all kinds of goodies.

You can see, on the left, all the Nestle and Hershey’s products.  I was ecstatic!  My favourite find were some mint chips (which I will be demonstrating in future brownie recipes.)

Next stop was Whisk, the baking shop in Chiswick.  It’s a great shop for baking odds and ends (see the edible glitter – I admit, I’ve yet to work up the nerve to try glitter, but there’s lots of decorating odds and ends there.)

They were having a sale on Nordicware (I think I’ve discussed my love of Nordicware.  It’s so impractical, and yet so beautiful.)  While I couldn’t talk myself into it (at least not until my next paycheck comes through – saving the world is not the highest paid job out there!)  The one thing I was really wanting that I bought was a cake pop tray.  I’d be wanting one forever, since it makes cake pops a lot easier, and I was considering going for a silicone option, but the Irish salesgirl (I’m helpless in front of an Irish person!) convinced me to go for the Nordicware.  I will definitely be reporting on these, so stay tuned.

Finally, I found these popsicle moulds I’ve been thinking about.  They look really good, so I might just end up foulding and getting them (I have a recipe for homemade fudgesicles that I really want to try!)

Chiswick is, by far, the best little food hamlet I’ve found in West London.  Anyone have any other ideas as to where to find baking supplies in West London?



  1. FYI – both sainsbury and waitrose have popsicle molds, though here they’re called ice lollies 😉

  2. […] go with brownies.  But not just any brownies: I used my secret ingredient, the mint chips that I picked up from Outsider Tart.  A special […]

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