Coconut Milk Cake

This recipe came from an idea for a Beardy Boyfriend Bake.  I wanted to do something a little bit unusual (I have done lots of lemon.  Lots and lots of lemon) and so I decided to throw in a bit of a curveball with this coconut milk cake.  Very simple and very lovely!
Coconut Milk Cake (adapted from Saved by Cake)


85g unsalted butter

150g caster sugar

2 eggs (unpictured)

1/2 tbsp vanilla extract

125g self raising flour

3/8 tsp baking powder

25g dried shredded or dessicated coconut

100ml coconut milk

Cream together butter and sugar.  Add baking powder and sift in self rising flour.  Add in vanilla extract, eggs, coconut milk and coconut.  Mix well.

Heat the oven to 170C.  Place the cake in either a cake tin or bundt pan (I absolutely wish I had a lovely bundt pan, but unfortunately, I have yet to be able to afford one I love and so as a consequence, I’m still using a cake tin!)  This would be very nice as a bundt.

Then the syrup.  I wasn’t familiar with the concept of simple syrup before checking out Sugar Baby (a cookbook which I love and will most likely review when I return from American with corn syrup.)

Simple Coconut Syrup (adapted from the same recipe)


100ml coconut milk

20g light brown sugar (all we had in the house was dark, so we used that, but the recipe calls for light)

Heat it up until the sugar dissolves into the milk (it should be a smooth mixture without lumps) and then pour over the cake!  It really does give it a nice, extra coconut-y texture.

And enjoy (particularly lovely with a nice cuppa tea)



  1. Hi Nick, it looks absolutely lovely. Hope you’re Happy and Healthy Avril 🙂

    1. To Nick
      I signed up for a wordpress blog. Hoping it would be easier to navigate round than Blogger. I was wrong. But I can’t find a way to delete it. As you have a wordpress blog it wouldn’t let me leave a comment without signing into wordpress. So sorry for the confusion. Avril 🙂

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