Review: Betty Crocker Chocolate Whoopie Pies

I was walking through the supermarket a few weeks ago and I stumbled across this: the Betty Crocker Whoopie Pie mix.  Now, I’ve mentioned my childhood near Amish country and the fact that this much beloved, handcrafted Amish treat has now become mass produced is a source of venting, but I decided to give it a try to see how it was.  Anything for you, dear readers.

If you look at the mix below, it’s fairly simple: some basic devils food cake for the cake section and a white powder to use for the centre of the whoopie.

Mixing the cake bit is fairly simple: combine with the egg, oil and water.  I baked it in my beloved whoopie pie pan which, to be honest, was totally unnecessary.

I think they would have held their shape fairly well without the whoopie pie pan (they were not as awesome as my oatmeal raisin cookies.)  The real trouble was the filling.  I made it with the required milk, but it just didn’t achieve the nice fluffy marshmallow texture that I wanted.  Beardy boyfriend had to add quite a bit of icing sugar to get it right.

You can see the before and after shots!  I really would not recommend this mix.  If looking for a quick cake, I’d stick with a Betty Crocker cake mix (the nicer part of this kit!)

For those who want the original whoopie pie recipe from scratch, I should be posting one up-soonish!


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