August Foodie Penpals and Chocolate Pudding!

I love Foodie Penpals.  I’m serious.  It makes my month.  From finding out who my penpal is, to crafting the perfect box, to opening the box that arrives at the end of the month… I love it.  Of course, if I try to outdo myself every month, this might get bigger and bigger (stop me if I go too crazy!)

This month, I sent a package to Joan (which I hope she liked!)  Check out her blog to see what I sent!

My foodie penpal packages was from the lovely Zoe over at VeganBrain.  As is inherent in the name, she is a a vegan blogger and so is working on getting me to expand my horizons past my normal lazy carnivorous diet.  Thanks, Zoe!

So to start with: Twinings tea.  I’m curious: are Twinings particularly vegan friendly?  I’ve had Twinings in both of my packets from vegan foodie penpals and just curious if there’s a specific reason for it!

She also included these scones, as well as some fruit infused raisins for me to use to make my own scones.  I used them for a Beardy Boyfriend weekly bake (details to come in a further post), but they were lovely!  I particularly liked the cherry ones, as they give raisins a nice pop in baked goods.

But the recipe Zoe included was for chocolate pudding, vegan style!  I thought I’d put it up because it was definitely interesting.  I will admit, I’ve never been able to get into tofu (and it definitely tasted a lot less sugary than a normal chocolate pudding), but it’s a healthy and nice vegan substitute.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding (adapted from Zoe at Vegan Brain)


100g chocolate

1 packet of silken tofu

1 tbsp agave syrup

Melt chocolate and then mix in the tofu and agave syrup while over heat.

Then cool and enjoy!

I really love Foodie Penpals, because it really gives you the opportunity to try more food that you ordinarily wouldn’t, and to break out of your food rut.  I think my favourite was the cherry infused raisins and I think that I’ll be using them in oatmeal raisin baked goods in future!

If you’re interested in joining Foodie Penpals, head over to Rock Salt if living in the UK and the Lean Green Bean in the US and Canada!  I can’t recommend it highly enough and hope to have one of you as my penpal next month….



  1. I agree that one of the benefits of doing Foodie Penpals is that you get to try food that you normally wouldn’t try. Looks like you had a great box this month! (Visiting from Foodie Penpals.)

    1. Glad you enjoyed! Looking forward to seeing your contribution.

  2. […] receiving the parcel with foodie goodies in. I sent my penpal, Nick, a baking-related parcel, here’s what I sent […]

  3. I’ve heard about making pudding with tofu, really interesting to see it done here – thanks! I keep meaning to buy those infused raisins, they sound spot on.

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