Hummingbird Bakery’s Frappe and Milkshake Collection

I (frequently) post about my love for for The Hummingbird Bakery.  I will go ridiculously out of my way for a cupcake fix (and am ecstatic that my new job is quite close to the Portobello Road branch!)  One of the things I really love is how they’re constantly changing their specials.  As a massive fan of American milkshakes, I was excited to try their new cupcake and frappe range and decided that Beardy Boyfriend and I would review all of their new collection (hey, it’s tough, but someone has to do it!)

Monday: Caramel Frappe Cupcake

Beardy Boyfriend sampled this one, as he is a MASSIVE fan of Starbucks caramel drinks.  He did note that out of all of them, he found this cupcake to have the least distinct taste.  It was quite similar to a plain vanilla cupcake with some caramel drizzled on top (pictured with the handmade cycling cupcake).

Tuesday: Chai Tea Frappe Cupcake

Beardy boyfriend really liked the subtle chai tea flavour of this.  It’s very subtle, but it gives a nice little zip.  Definitely less sweet than most, so if you like a bit more of muffin-ish cupcake, I’d go for this one.

Wednesday: Banana Milkshake Cupcake

Banana is an unusual flavour for a cupcake – as it tends to be found a bit more in slightly less sweet muffins.  However, Beardy boyfriend found this to have a sweeter flavour (could definitely taste the milkshake bit of banana milkshake).  Try it if you’re a banana fan, but obviously not so great if you already don’t like banana!

Thursday: Malt Milkshake Cupcake

Beardy mum happens to love malt milkshakes, so I tried this with a lot of nostalgia.  It’s interesting to note that it is malt flavoured, rather than chocolate malt, but it does have a a very nice malt-y taste.  If you’re a malt fan, it’s definitely a delicious treat.

Friday: Coffee Frappe Cupcake

Beardy Boyfriend absolutely LOVED this cupcake, saying that he could not only taste the coffee, but he could taste that it was distinctly coffee frappe.  I’ve brought him numerous daily special cupcakes before, but this was the first one which he said could compete with his ever-favourite red velvet.  Incredibly highly recommended (pictured here with one of their hand-decorated Olympics cupcakes!)

Saturday: Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake Cupcake

We actually had to go to two bakeries for this!  They were sold out at South Kensington branch, so we took a trek to the Soho branch to try one.  It was really good, with a peanut butter sponge and chocolate frosting, but I will note that the peanut butter was quite subtle, more of a hint of peanut butter rather than a massive peanut butter hit.

Sunday: Strawberry Milkshake Cupcake

Beardy boyfriend noted that this cupcake had its own flavour, quite distinct from a strawberry cupcake.  You can really taste the sweetness and frothiness (malt, maybe?) that makes it distinctly strawberry milkshake!

If you’re around London, I would definitely recommend checking one of these out!  It’s a limited time offer, and will be available until the 30th of September in all the Hummingbird Bakeries.



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