Wok Oil at Waitrose

I was in Waitrose on Marleybone High Street the other day (searching for rosemary – I have a very hard time finding rosemary around me!) and I couldn’t resist checking out the oils section.  As a result, I came across this Wok Oil and thought I’d give it a try.  And of course, that means I’d review it for all of you!  What really caught my eye was that it’s a combination of sesame, sunflower and ginger oils, with a little bit of garlic.  The problem is that when I’m making stir frys, normally I start with a basic olive oil and continue on with it, until the end where I add a bit of toasted sesame oil for flavour.

We used it in a stir fry the other night.  It’s hard to describe the taste it had (of course, as a food blogger, I have to try!) but you could definitely taste the hints of sesame and garlic, so it just made the stir fry taste a bit more sesame.

I really enjoyed this, as it got rid of the slight olive oily taste (which doesn’t always work in a stir fry!) and would recommend it to anyone near a Waitrose.  It’s quite inexpensive and so definitely worth it if you regularly make stir frys!


One comment

  1. Ages ago I was told (by a chef) to never use olive oil in a wok as it doesn’t fry hot enough; that you should use sunflower or other oil. Also, check the M&S across from your office for fresh rosemary 🙂

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