Thursday night in Piccadilly – Chowki and Gelupo

We had managed to get tickets to see The 39 Steps, which is in the Criterion Theatre right near Piccadilly Circus.  We had limited time to eat, so we pulled out our Tastecard app and found Chowki, right nearby.

What is it with us and Indian food?  Chowki is obviously a bit more pricey than Taste of Bangla, particularly since it’s in central London, but the price is good for the area, particularly with Tastecard.  Beardy boyfriend and I both tried the korma, with me getting the mixed vegetables and him getting the lamb.  We both opted for rice, with him also getting some naan.

The korma was a bit spicier than most – a bit more spicy rather than creamy.  The naan wasn’t the most buttery, but if you like naan a bit drier, you’ll prefer it!

After we went for dinner and picked up our theatre tickets, we headed over to Gelupo which was recommended to me by Littleloaf (who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to Italian food!)  The Gelupo staff were really lovely and really helpful.  Beardy boyfriend had never had really authentic gelato before (while I had spent a family trip to Italy eating it non stop!)

I had the lemon (although it was definitely a tough choice between that at the mint chocolate chip.)  Incredibly delicious!

Overall, a good night out in Piccadilly!  Anyone have any other ice cream recommendations for London?


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