The Bourne Legacy (and Merengues)

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but Beardy boyfriend and I get a lot of tickets to advanced screenings to movies through Showfilmfirst.  I thought it would be fun for me to post some reviews of films that we’ve seen, including a recipe that I was inspired to make by the movie!  A different, culinary-inspired take on cinema.

Yesterday, we went to see The Bourne Legacy.  The name might sound familiar, because it’s the latest in the Bourne franchise.  This time around, it’s starring Jeremy Renner (who I’ve enjoyed since his turn in The Unusuals, but really, really loved in Avengers Assemble) and the always interesting Rachel Weisz.  The plot is about a second government agent (apparently trained and utilised similarly to Jason Bourne) dealing with the fall-out after Treadstone and Jason Bourne were exposed to the world in the earlier films.

To start with, the action is quite similar to the earlier Bourne films, so if you’re attending because you liked the exotic locations, the non-stop action and really, the grittier James Bond atmosphere, it’s still there.  I will admit that I hadn’t seen the original in awhile and while you can still understand the gist, it would definitely have helped to catch the details if I’d brushed up beforehand.

One thing I enjoyed (although they kept it subtle) was a little bit of a discussion around what obligations scientists have for how their work is used.  Although I snorted when Weisz’s scientist complained about the sacrifices she’s made working for the government (“I can’t publish!  I can’t do conferences!”), it does slightly touch on the idea of collective responsibility from a science perspective.  But I will admit, it’s a small point and for the most part, dropped when the two are on the run.

One of the plot points is Renner’s character’s dependency on blue and green pill and so, accordingly, I started thinking of little blue and green cakes and ultimately decided on blue and green merengues!  I think it would actually be a nice treat to have while viewing!

Bourne Blue and Green Merengues (inspired by The Bourne Legacy and adapted from Sprinkle Bakes cookbook)


2 egg whites

A pinch of cream of tartar

Start by separating your eggs.  I absolutely hate this part (and in making this batch, I dropped a bunch of egg whites into the yoke section), but make sure that you don’t have any yokes.  It’s also really important that your mixing bowl is completely clean and completely dry.  Place your egg whites in the mixing bowl and add the pinch of cream of tartar.  I’m normally a fan of mixing by hand, but this is one recipe which really does require mixing with a hand or stand mixer.

Mix until the egg whites form soft peaks, adding sugar in as you go.  At this point, if you wish to add a colouring or flavour, add it in before placing merengue in a pipping bag.  Pipe into small mounds.  Heat oven to 75C and place merengues in for 90 minutes.  Once finished, turn off oven and if possible, leave merengues in overnight, so that the merengues will gradually cool in oven.

The Bourne Legacy opens today, so if interested, check it out!


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