Out and About in Dublin

I should start by mentioning that I went home this weekend.

It’s funny, but I had a friend in Edinburgh who told me she used to forget I was American.  “You talk about heading home to Dublin,” she said, “so I always just forget that you’re not Irish.”  While obviously being American is an important part of who I am, my time in Dublin really shaped me.  It was my home for a long time and in a lot of ways, I still miss it quite a bit.  I was in Dublin for just a day this weekend and while I was there, I thought I’d do some bake shop visiting.

Luckily, the lovely Claire from over at Dainty Nachos agreed to show me around and so off we went to explore the best bake shops in Dublin!  We had met through Twitter and spending time with her was a lot of fun, she’s an amazing new friend!

I started at Stock Design, which I’m pretty sure was still there when I was in college, but I’d never looked inside.

Check out the cool cooking cutters on the right.  So far I’ve stayed away from cookie cutters with 3d images (I would be more of a chocolate chip cookie girls then sugar cookies), but I really like the pony cookie cutter.  They’re quite big and easy to handle and I’d say would be ideal if you’re making cookies with kids!  I’m kicking myself for not buying one of the little feet cookie cutters, however.  One of Beardy boyfriend’s school friends in having a baby and I’m planning to make a tin of cookies for them as a congratulations!  So kicking myself for not having gotten it.

Here are candy melts.  Candy melts are really useful for making cake pops and I’m always on the search for them here in London (unfortunately, have only found them so far in Brighton!)  On the right, you can see a bunch of really cute cake tins, if you feel inspired to make some interesting shapes!

I picked up a pancake shaper at Stock (shamrock shaped, of course!) and a shovel cookie cutter.  Since Beardy boyfriend works on a building site, I already have a hammer cookie cutter, as well, and I think hammer and shovel cookies will go down well at his office!  I’d note that this is more of a kitchen supplies shop and they seem to really shine on the quirky and novelty items!

The next stop was Kitchen Complements.  It’s a bit of a small square, two floors, and I really liked their layout.  Check out this cool collections of jars and storage spaces (I’m still trying to convince Beardy boyfriend that we have the space for a collection of flour jars!)  On the right are some madeleine moulds.  I’ve been thinking about getting one, as I love madeleines, and I think the shape really comes in handy for tea parties with delicate girly cookies!

I will note that Kitchen Complements is a bit pricey, but they really specialise in the baking moulds which you might not be able to find elsewhere.  So I’d keep that in mind at as well when shopping.

Finally, we stopped by Decobake on the Quays.  In addition to being a baking supply shop, Decobake also runs a really cute cafe, which I thought really added something to the atmosphere.  They specialise in decorating equipment and have a REALLY good selection if you’re looking for standard events such as baby showers, weddings and birthday parties.

What I really loved was the different extracts.  I’m American (where an incredibly wide variety of extracts are available), so it was good to see these.  Unfortunately, I was flying Ryanair, so I couldn’t bring any home with me, but I’m still on the lookout for coconut extract in London.

I bought two cookie cutters (duck and baby rattle shaped – indeed prepping to make a tin of baby-theme sugar cookies!) as well as this cupcake pop mould.  I’d been drooling over it since I saw it on Love from the Oven’s blog, because I would really like to make more cake pops.  I figured seeing it in person meant that I was meant to have it!  Finally, I got a chocolate heart mould, which I’m hoping to use to make decorations for some cupcakes, as well as chocolates for special occasions!

Is anyone out there a Dublin baker?  Any recommendations on places I should have gone?



  1. Kitchen Complements is great! There’s a place out in Dun Laoghaire which does some incredibly detailed cake tins (or are they jelly moulds?) shaped like pirate ships and castles.

    1. Do you want to go next time I’m in Dublin?

      1. Sure, if I’m there! Moving back to Spain for three months…

    2. elimare · · Reply

      Thats cakebox isn’t it? It’s small, but has some stuff that the shops in town don’t.

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  3. […] had previously bought the cupcake mould in Dublin, but they had the complete set! (the heart, the triangle, the snowman).  I can be quite bad at the […]

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