July Foodie Penpal and Peppermint Cupcakes

This month, I received my first foodie penpal package from the lovely Avril at Conkertree.  She included a whole range of goodies!  In the back, you can see the homemade strawberry jam (a favourite of Beardy boyfriend’s), tomato chutney (really excited to try with some brie!) and peppermint tea.  In front of that are some onion, rhubarb and kale chips (gone within a day – I could not stop snarfing them!), some sherbert strawberries (which I’m trying to be good and save for my next plane ride – I find hard candy to be really useful to stop my ears popping on planes), some atame seaweed (which we’re supposed to sprinkle on salads.  Avril is such a healthy eater, hopefully it will encourage me to eat better!  Finally, we have some chocolate oat biscuits and cocoa mint bar, both of which I’m going to bring to eat on my shifts at Olympic Park!

I know one of the most important parts of foodie penpals is providing a recipe, so I decided to make some peppermint tea cupcakes.  The recipe (as does most of my favourite cupcakes) comes from The Hummingbird Bakery’s Cake Days cookbook and was originally a recipe for Early Grey cupcakes.  I just substituted peppermint tea for Early Grey!

Peppermint Tea Cupcakes


3 peppermint tea bags

3 tbsp boiled water

2 eggs (not pictured)

240 g unsalted butter (80g unsalted butter for sponge and 160g for icing)

280g caster sugar

240g plain flour

1 tbsp baking powder

250 ml whole milk (200 ml for sponge, 50ml for the icing)

Start by combining the dry ingredients: cream the butter and sugar together, sift in the flour and add the baking powder.  Once these are combined, add in the whole milk and eggs.

Now the tricky part: add the boiled water to the tea bags.  Basically, what you want to do is pull all the flavour possible out of the tea bags and into the water, so that eventually you can add 3 tablespoons of very pungently flavoured tea.  Mix this in with the cupcake batter and bake for about ten minutes at 170C (test to see if it’s done by touching the cake and seeing if it springs back.)

Have a look at the cupcakes – they have a delicious hint of pepperminty flavour that you couldn’t really taste in the batter, but were absolutely delicious once cooked.  Would definitely recommend for peppermint tea lovers.

This is my first time doing Foodie Penpals, but am definitely excited to take part again!  If you’re from the UK or Europe and interested, check out Rock Salt’s sign up here and if from the rest of the world, check out The Lean Green Bean

Anyone out there participate this month?



  1. The cupcakes look lovely. I think I forgot to tell you in the Arame Salad recipe that I sent to you in the Lighthouse card that you have to soak the Arame seaweed before you use it. I will send you directions in an email. I now can refer to myself as ‘the lovely Avril’ 🙂 thank you.

    1. That would be great! I really enjoyed the package!

  2. This is a great parcel and a great recipe, too! Sherbet strawberries sound amazing, you’ve been really good to resist them 😀

    1. Thanks so much for organising this!

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