Day out in Clapham

So far I’ve been having trouble finding baking shops quite close to me.  Divertmenti only has branches in north London and John Lewis in in the West End and Stratford.  While I frequently utilise the TK Maxx in Wimbledon (most definitely my guilty pleasure), I’m always looking for specialised baking equipment near me.  So my friend Frances suggest that we try this shop, Denton’s Catering Equipment on Clapham High Street.What better way to spend a rainy Saturday?  First of all, I had to start by doing my obligatory drool over the stand mixer, bolstered my excitement in finding piping bags.  As I’ve mentioned, Beardy boyfriend likes to decorate, but he’s been a bit snobby about piping bags.  Alas, these professional grade ones were up to his standard!

I also noted these super cute canisters.  To be honest, I’ve reached the point where I need to start storing my flours in something.  Right this minute, I have 6 flours in my kitchen: plain flour, self raising flour, white bread flower, brown bread flour, cornflour and gram flour (more on that later!).  I’d just like some cute canisters I can store them in.  Also, a great cookie cutter selection.  I can never, ever resist a cookie cutter (because who knows when you’ll need to make sun cookies!)  Still trying to justify buying the 3d fairy cookie cutter for myself!

Want to see my final buy?

A juicer (we’ve been making lots of lemon-flavoured food lately), a piping bag with nozzles, a cupcake corer and some lighter fluid for our fondue party this Friday (also unseen: a sun-shaped cookie cutter).

While we were in Clapham, we headed over to Clapham Junction to call at Whole Foods.  I happen to love the Whole Foods in America (most specifically for white cheddar cheese popcorn, which I can not for the life of me find in the UK!), but I thought it’d be a good place to find quite specialist baking stuff.  It is.

Lots of good flours and herbs and definitely a good resource.  Unfortunately (very annoying), I could not find graham flour, which I have been desperately searching for since I saw Little Loaf’s post on homemade graham crackers!

So I have to ask: does anyone have any idea where I can find graham flour?



  1. This looks like an amazing day out! 🙂

    1. But no sign of graham flour. 😦

  2. There is a cookware shop in Richmond that I haven’t been to for years but always used to be pretty good (incidentally it is opposite where a huge Whole Foods is due to open next year). I’ve never seen graham flour anywhere though 😦

    1. Will definitely check it out! Do you remember the name?

  3. […] dough cupcakes recipe, complete with filling!  Absolutely decided.  So armed with our brand new cupcake corer and piping bag, I decided to give it a […]

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