Fudge 2.0

So for those who saw my previous post on my fudge disaster, I’m sure you understood why this was burning me up inside!  Miriam’s recipe seemed so lovely, so perfectly simple!  I questioned my worth as a baker!  So last night I decided to try again.  I started as usual:

I know!  Really simple, with just milk chocolate and condensed milk.  So far, so good.

I did a bit of a DIY double boiler, putting a slightly smaller pan over a larger one.  No real negative side effects, which worked well!  So this time, however, I made sure to heat the fudge to 200C (measuring the temperature with my amazing new candy thermometer which I bought on my trip to Divertmenti).

And as embarrassing as it was, this time it worked perfectly.  Amazing, delicious milk chocolate fudge.  It’s wonderful.

Amazing.  So, in retrospect: if in doubt, use a candy thermometer.  And visit Miriam’s blog, because the fudge is amazing!


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  1. Yay! Thrilled to hear!

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