So I admit, I keep hearing about Divertmenti.  The first person to mention it was Londonbakes on her blog, and my ears pricked up.  Where I come from in America, my mum and I make frequent trips to AC Moore in order to fulfill our candy melts/coloured icing/cake tins requirement.  I hadn’t really come across anything similar in London, so when my foodie penpal, Overton Lady, mentioned that she loved it, that was it.  I had to go.  Beardy Bestfriend, Fran, was up for a trip, so I excitedly planned a trip….only to realise it closed at 6pm on Friday nights.  Not the best start!  We decided to try again on Saturday, and after getting off at Marleybone (tip – the Marleybone branch is far nearer to Baker Street.  We learned this the hard way!), we arrived.

Super lovely.  Frances remarked that it reminds her a bit of Williams-Sonoma in the States, and I think that’s pretty apt.  But even more exciting was what we found inside…

  First of all, cake tins!  In all kinds of shapes and sizes.  I will admit, I bowed to pressure and bought a whoopie pie pan.  Growing up near Amish country, whoopie pies are a big thing.  I’ve been loving the recipes I’ve been making from this book, but I’ve yet to figure out how to perfectly shape them.  Hopefully using this pan will bring an improvement!  On the right, you can see their gourmet food section, with a lot of sauces and seasonings (including the ever popular fancy mustards!)  My one feedback would be that I wish they had a few more of the hard to get baking items (like candy melts.  I am in a never ending search for candy melts.)


And Nordicware.  Nordwicware is like the coolest thing ever.  While I have absolutely no space for it in my house… I still want it!  Can you imagine pulling out a little cake village to serve people?

  Just look at all this amazing stuff!  Silicon moulds, cupcake cases…  I want.  All of it.  So of course, I did end up folding and buying a few things…

Most notably my new whoopie pie pan!  I’m really excited to try it out and overall, considered this to be a successful trip!  Any other London baking shops people would recommend?



  1. […] I did a bit of a DIY double boiler, putting a slightly smaller pan over a larger one.  No real negative side effects, which worked well!  So this time, however, I made sure to heat the fudge to 200C (measuring the temperature with my amazing new candy thermometer which I bought on my trip to Divertmenti). […]

  2. […] far I’ve been having trouble finding baking shops quite close to me.  Divertmenti only has branches in north London and John Lewis in in the West End and Stratford.  While I […]

  3. Last time I visited my mother we went to the Lakeland store in Brent Cross shopping centre in North London. There’s lots of stuff there!

  4. […] Sift in the flour and then add in the oats and raisins.  See my lovely greased whoopie pie pan that I bought back when I went to Divertmenti. […]

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