Independence Day picnic (Part 1)

As a proud American, Beardy Boyfriend and I thought we’d check out the Democrats Abroad picnic this year.  I had been promised by my friend Mara that there would be delicious American food and I wanted nothing more than a hot dog and a root beer!  I’d read that it would be all American vendors, so I was really excited to check it out.


The barbeque itself was held in Portman Square, near Marble Arch.  The weather wasn’t bad for a London July, but the really exciting bit was…..

So despite having a restaurant in Clapham, I had never been to Bodeans. But not only were they grilling up some hot dogs out back, they also had root beer!  I definitely couldn’t resist…




My hot dog (with root beer) and Beardy Boyfriend’s buffalo burger.  Very authentic American!

Then for dessert, I had been dying to try one of these red, white and blue whoopie pies

So I wasn’t familar with Outsider Tart, who apparently have a shop in Chiswick (why are all the best shops in places I never get to?)  But their whoopie pie was amazing.   There was a hint of cream cheese in the filling, I thought, so I’m guessing this was a red velvet whoopie?  The dark colour really works well, proving my theory that the best food colouring is a darker food colouring when it comes to red velvet.  But the best part is that they have a cookbook, which they were selling on the day, and I am now dying to try!

  Anyone out there have a review of the book to pass on?  But when the rain started in earnest around 4, our adventure was just beginning!  We then proceeded to head over to the West End for a bit more baking excitement! (to be continued…)



  1. Nadia · · Reply

    Hi! I love that book and has used it every time I have to make a cake/dessert for a friend’s party. I also met the two Davids and they are lovely and would help you will all your baking questions. You can look up There are reviews of the book there including mine. Happy baking!

  2. […] written before about my discovery of Outsider Tart and their delicious American style cakes.  After the Independence Day picnic, I was VERY […]

  3. […] have been pretty outspoken about my love of Outsider Tart.  I volunteer for an organisation which often has meetings in Chiswick, so one day, I sent an […]

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