and the West End (part 2)

So once we finished eating at the Democrats Abroad picnic, we had to walk it off by heading down to the West End to that mecca of baking, John Lewis.

Look how ready they are for the Olympics!  Olympic fever is definitely everywhere.  But as tempting as the London 2012 store was, I made a beeline for the baking section, which did not disappoint.



Isn’t it super cute?  They have loads of stuff from Wilton’s, one of my favourite American merchandisers.  Absolutely LOVE their bakeware.  And the stand mixers!  I admit, if I won the Euromillions, I think the first thing I would buy is a stand mixer…

I ended up trying to be good, but we ended up buying a palette knife and a cookie cutter.  The thing is… we’re not really sure what shape the cookie cutter is in.  Does anyone have any ideas?


No idea!  But even cooler was the cookbook section….


They look amazing, right?  Particularly the Ben and Jerrys ice cream book.  Ok, I officially want an ice cream maker for my birthday!  But the funniest thing was running into this…

Cookbooks are everywhere!  So obviously, after so much shopping, we had to stock up.. And so made a stop at my all time favourite London bakery…

They’re doing their Biscuit Tin collection and being a chocolate chip cookie dough fan, I was really eager to try chocolate chip.  The sponge is a basic chocolate (which generally, I’m a vanilla girl, but I was willing to give it a go!)  The icing is unique, quite dark chocolatey with some cookie dough mixed in.  Definitely worth a try if you’re a chocolate lover.

And finally, on our way home, what do we spot?

Everything comes full circle!



  1. Hannah · · Reply

    it’s a train!

    1. That was my first thought, but the edges are a bit weird for a train, no? I think this means I’ll have to decorate and see how train-like it is then!

  2. cookie cutter looks like a steam train for the record.

  3. […] trouble finding baking shops quite close to me.  Divertmenti only has branches in north London and John Lewis in in the West End and Stratford.  While I frequently utilise the TK Maxx in Wimbledon (most […]

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