Cinnamon rolls with cinnamon roll oreos 1

I love cinnamon rolls.  I have had to limit how often I make them since they are a definite weakness – and can probably eat an entire pan in about two hours!  One cinnamon roll is allowable, the entire pan leads to an unbelievable sugar high.  So if I’m going to make cinnamon rolls, they […]


I’ve been in Europe for years and years now, but it can still be difficult to remember that London isn’t that far away from so many interesting places.  Not to mention that it can be easy to be stuck in the now, rather than planning all the places we’d like to go. Athens has been […]

Favorite Flavors of Ireland 1

Everyone has their own version of childhood comfort food.  While for me, it’s definitely Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (yes, non Americans, I have seen the look on your face when I explain the idea of cheese powder.)  But I love to tease Beardy Husband that, having grown up in pre-globalised Ireland, his ideal food is […]

chocolate-and-caramel-blossoms 1

Bloggers definitely get obsessions.  I can think of bloggers who discovered macarons and cinnamon rolls and then repeatedly made variations on a theme.  Think about it – when you find a recipe that you love, you’re excited to make it over and over again for people (are you sure you don’t want another batch of […]

Pizza Union

I have been, rightly, accused of being very cheap.  It’s true, I’m not a fan of spending money.  I’m the person who photographs all my grocery receipts for a pence, loves a coupon and will answer a million surveys for money from Amazon.  So when Beardy Bestie Fran suggested that we try some places she […]

Maple muffins

It’s stormy weather on both sides of the Atlantic – snow and rain mean that I’ve done a lot of snuggling up by the fire while my cat naps (the cutest napper on the face of the earth.) But February is a month for snuggling up (it’s all I can do to drag myself to […]

Chocolate Toffee Cookies 1

I think, from an unofficial poll of my friends, that I am not the only person who finds January and February to be a long stretch.  Christmas is over and all that’s left is the rain, wind and super short days.  Is spring almost here yet?  And there’s not even a snowstorm to make me […]


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