Cream Cheese Thumbprint

I love a themed cookbook.  I think in this day and age, there’s less of a call for the basic cookbook (there’s only one classic Good Housekeeping authoritative guide to basic cooking), and more emphasis on themed cookbook which allows people who love, for example, peanut butter or avocados, have cookbooks to work on turning […]

Dark Chocolate Creme de Menthe Cookies 1

I am probably one of the least trendy people ever – by the time I find out about something, it’s probably ending!  The adorable charm bracelet I got for my birthday?  Pretty much everyone at work already has it.  The cool bag that everyone on the tube is sporting?  Hmm, maybe I should get one? […]

The Counter

It’s very odd, since Beardy Fiance and I weren’t dating back when we both lived in Dublin (we attended the same university, albeit at different times) – London is very much “our” city, the place we discovered together.  So it was a bit different to try out some restaurants together while in Dublin together.  Some […]

Sticky Gingerbread

Appropriate for the TV series which has repopularised baking in UK, there has been a series of Great British Bake Off cookbooks which are helping to repopularise classic British recipes.  Created for this rainy, grey winter, The Great British Bake Off Winter Kitchen focuses on British seasonal recipes, using both traditional classics and modern adaptation […]

Chocolate-Dipped M&M Shortbread 1

I think the easiest way to add a bit of festive colouring for holidays is to pop in some seasonal M&Ms (there are different colours for different holidays) and I have definitely been guilty of this lazy way to make easy treats seasonal. I love shortbread – it’s quick, easy and the real trick is […]

Wiltons Cake Decorating Class

I admit it, I’ve been really eager to try a Wilton’s Cake Decorating course.  I am definitely not the best decorator (a combination of uneven pressure when using a piping bag and a large helping of impatience,) so when Beardy Mum suggested that I try to find a fun family activity to do over Thanksgiving […]


I’m not sure how many BakingBeardy readers are fans of Keeping up with the Kardashians (or those who share Beardy Fiance’s view of it – his guilty pleasure TV tends to involve a lot more fishing and hunting for gold.  But I have noticed that there are quite a lot of family meals, and the […]


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