Hello Kitty Baking Book

Surely I can’t be the only person who was in shocked denial to realise that Hello Kitty is apparently not a cat.  It’s true!  I’m a cat lover (and always enjoy having a kitty around the house), so I was a bit disappointed to realise that Hello Kitty is actually a little girl – and […]

Lemon curd rolls 1

I’m pretty sure every planning a wedding, ever, says the same thing.  “Oh no, I won’t be a bridezilla at all.  All that matters to me is that we’re with everyone we love, having a good time.  Nothing else matters at all.”  And while I haven’t had a screaming match with my mother or a […]

Avoca Handweavers

The name Avoca Handweavers is a little misleading.  While it is indeed the home of one of Ireland’s oldest manufacturers, amongst my friends, we are far more interested in the farm to table foodie aspects of their cafes and restaurants.  Which includes, for example, “the best pasta ever” (as my friend Sarah calls it) and […]

Root to Leaf

I’m welcoming my favourite guest poster back again, Beardy Mum!  As you can see from the review, there’s a reason this review was a bit of a family project – this is definitely a cookbook I’ll be saving to pass onto future family members! Beardy Baker’s dad has some amazing cousins all of  whose names […]

Blue Raspberry Krispie Treats 1

This is a recipe which is only for people who really love blue raspberry.  It is pretty much as blue raspberry as possible to cram into a krispie treat, so if you’re merely ambivalent about blue raspberry?  Not for you. I think I made these treats with hopes of conjuring summer.  Despite the much-repeated adage […]

Sprinkles cupcakes

I judge cities by the quality of their cupcakes.  Look, I know that’s not a popular criteria (other people use green spaces, economy, public transport) and it’s not that I don’t take all of that into account – it’s just that I think none of that is as important as being able to get a […]

Smart Cookie

One of the bloggers I absolutely love and am totally in awe of is Christi from Love from the Oven.  Between her ability to find cute baking ingredients and homewares at Target, her love of super gooey sweets and her refusal to embrace the current diet fads (the ones which eliminate anything delicious!) So I […]


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