Every year, I run out of time to do everything I want to do on Christmas – from baking cookies, to sending Christmas cards, to getting my gifts organised and wrapped – I am always the person sitting in the incredible traffic in the mall parking lot before Christmas Eve, just to get one last […]

sallys candy addiction

It’s impossible not to love the recipes from the Sally’s Baking Addiction blog.  I’ve found that whenever I need an easy recipe, I can just check the archives.  Pumpkin cookies?  Check.  Easy brownies?  Check.  It’s an amazing reference for quick and easy recipes to whip up for a party or to bring into school and […]

Double Pumpkin Cookies

I am a tad bit embarrassed of my love of pumpkin food in November.  Let’s be honest, it’s a total cliche.  Especially since I’m an American (and Irish mockery of American pumpkin obsession is legendary.)  But still, when I was in the US, I was constantly searching for pumpkin-based products to bring home.  Not everything […]

Grand Canal

Beardy Husband is not the most thoughtful gift giver.  Last year for Christmas, I got an Apple TV.  A useful gift, for sure, but not one I’d been the least bit interested in.  Beardy Husband, of course, had been eyeing it up for months – so obviously an ideal gift.  So when Beardy Husband decided […]

Cinnamon Roll Poundcake

I am now deeply regretting that I was not familiar with Jocelyn Delk Adams’ blog, Grandbaby Cakes.  It’s an incredibly indulgent cake about the recipes handed down from her grandmother.  While my grandmother is from Western North Carolina rather than Mississippi, it’s definitely reminiscent of the cake recipes which have been passed down from my […]


I want to talk about being perfect.  Not because I’m an expert (hah!), but because I am really, really bad at not perpetually trying to be perfect.  I want to have everything all at once – be studying, be working, be well read, be in shape, be making healthy food from scratch, see my friends […]

Black and blue

“Why on earth did you move to London?”  I get asked a lot.  “America is so exciting, so exotic, and London is so boring!” Right.  Well, since most of those people’s comparison for what life in America is like is what they saw on The OC, Disney World or the one time they took a […]


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