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Is it wrong to admit the only thing that got me up this morning was thinking about the 4 day weekend which starts on Friday?  It’s actually going to be four days of just me and that cat since Beardy Fiance is home in Ireland for a few days.  I’ll probably meet up with my […]


As most people reading will know, I always enjoy the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – but one of the major complaints I’ve always had is that the Avengers are disproportionately cookie cutter white men.  But one of the strengths of Captain America 2 is that this movie is far more of an ensemble.  […]


Former MasterChef contestant Stacie Stewart has become fairly well known from her stints on various TV shows such as This Morning and Food Glorious Food as the cheerful, beehived recipe creator and judge.  The Sunderland native has drafted a book, Stacie Bakes, with treats which can be created for various holidays throughout the year.  Unlike, for […]

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I am on a bit of a detox this week.  Laugh all you want (as trust me, I’m not a traditional diet person), but I’m just really trying to end this semi-permanent bloat that I’ve been feeling lately.  So this week, we’ve been cutting out dairy, gluten, caffeine, meat and really anything which could be […]


Non-Stop takes place in one of my least favourite places – a flight between New York City and London.  Now, I hate to fly (not because, as many people do, I’m afraid – I’m pretty blase on that point.  For me it’s more the process – getting to the airport, going through security, the horrible […]

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It’s always pretty cool to see food bloggers made good releasing a cookbook.  I meet a lot of food bloggers through Food Blogger Connect and so many have one particular goal in mind – to eventually publish a cookbook with the recipes that they’ve loved and perfected on their blog.  Lisa, the Homesick Texan, started […]

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I’m obsessed with the concept of sweet and salty mixed together, particularly with pretzels.  I could eat chocolate covered pretzels all day every day.  But for some reason, around Christmas, there were loads of variety of chocolate covered pretzels in shops.  So I picked up a more unusual type – a white chocolate mint covered […]


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