Dark Chocolate Bundt Cake with Red Velvet Bites 1

I think for a lot of bakers, holidays are about the sweets – I know for me, I’m eager to find any thinly veiled excuse to bake for my friends and family.  This year, I’m already prepared: with Valentine’s Day cards already bought and ready to be sent, all I need are some lovely, sinful, […]


Last summer, Beardy Fiance and I tried to pick our own fruit.  It was a lot of fun (and netted us some really delicious fruit), but it’s definitely a lot less of an appealing option in January drizzle than in August sunshine.  So when I was visiting Delaware, I was excited to take a fruit […]


I’ve constantly amazed by how many bloggers are writing amazing, popular cookbooks at the minute.  Obviously it’s not that surprising – the ability to write a great recipe and take cool photos are useful skills both in blogging and in putting together the kind of cookbook that anyone can follow.  So I’m not surprised that […]

White Chocolate and Lavender Fudge 1

Unfortunately, it was  rough week in the Beardy household.  When we were over in Ireland, unfortunately, Beardy Fiance’s grandmother passed away.  It was a tough time for him – she had lived with his family while they were growing up and he was quite close to her.  It led to a fairly long and emotional […]


I can’t be the only person who will frequently slow down to rubberneck at a house that is gaudily overdone for the holidays: multicoloured lights blink, a plastic Santa and his sleigh on the roof, perhaps a nativity scene in the front yard?  Yeah, it’s a bit over the top. I love Christmas and the […]


I love participating in the annual Blogger Cookie Swap – not only is it for a great cause, but it’s also a chance to force myself to get creative and come up with a new recipe.  I use the feedback from my family and recipients to see if it’s going to be a keeper (and […]

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls

It doesn’t get bigger in the food blogger community than Ree Drummond, founder of the Pioneer Woman blog and presenter of her own show on the Food Network.  Her food is much beloved for a reason – it can be quite easy to make as well as incredibly delicious.   So when I started browsing in […]


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